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The incidence of corporate fraud is on the rise these days. Job seekers are getting scammed almost every day. Huge amount of money is being extorted from them by cheating in the name of job. Let’s find out in detail!

How do these things happen?

Fraudulent companies are the first to fall prey to this. The first time payment taken from the candidates is small. Because of this, the concerned job seeker does not understand the fraud easily.

Once the job seeker has been lured, the fraudsters gradually increase the amount of money. As the day of recruitment or interview approaches, the amount increases.

In this case, a large amount of money is also demanded for laptops, computers or various training sources.

Apart from money, personal information and documents are also demanded. This information is then sold.

To avoid fraud job seekers should keep few things in mind-

The organization does not ask any advance money from the candidate for the job. No deposit money is taken for recruitment to any post.

No other medium is used in recruiting the organization. That is, no agent, organization or individual is used by the company for recruitment. The organization does direct recruitment.

In this case it is never said to share any personal important information through WhatsApp. Company never asks for Marksheet, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, CV or similar information through WhatsApp.

Message from media agencies – Candidates contacting any such agency, employment portal or any person should apply at their own risk. We have to take responsibility ourselves. Bango24ghanta and any company in this group shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any loss in this regard.